Dr. L. Alfonso de la Fuente Hernández

Position: Medical Director - Instituto Europeo de Fertilidad - Madrid. Spain

The emergence of ILITIA as an application for gynaecology clinics, especially for assisted reproduction, will provide us with a ‘before’ and ‘after’ in the world of computing applied to medicine, specifically the collective and multidisciplinary work carried out in human reproduction centres, where clinics, laboratories, surgical departments, nursing, reception and administration must have reliable, shared information available anywhere and in real time, which only this type of application allows.

Another interesting aspect of ILITIA that should be highlighted is its versatility, providing each user with an intuitive and dynamic way of working without wasting time unnecessarily and enabling them to dispense with paper in daily consultations, thus fostering relationships with patients, enabling them to access all data from their history with a single click. Furthermore, the incorporation of other elements that allow us immediately to analyse the data introduced makes ILITIA an essential tool for the control of results and identification of possible deviations that could affect them.

Therefore, this computer application is superior in technology to the rest and a truly excellent application in the field of gynaecology and assisted human reproduction.