The most comprehensive application for Assisted Reproduction,Obstetrics and Gynaecology centres Cloud system with no installation Access your clinic from your tablet,
Smartphone and/or any computer with Internet access
Centralise all your information and access it securely Manage your clinic with a single tool

The most comprehensive application for Assisted Reproduction,Obstetrics and Gynaecology centres

Manage your clinic with a single tool

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    Main Features

    A single management tool Fertility and Gynecology Clinics

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    Manage your clinic with a single tool. Centralise all your information and access it securely

    ILITIA Software

    Management software that monitors the entire workflow in Assisted Reproduction Centres
    Calendar and Appointments
    • Manage tasks, consultations and personal appointments.
    • Maximum integration with the patient’s medical records.
    • Day or week view of the calendars and for several users or rooms.
    • Prints and implementation of actions from a single screen.
    Patient Administration
    • Quick access to all information.
    • Complete personal data sheet with the option to attach documentation.
    • Administration notes linked to each patient.
    • Patient alerts already in the database.
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    Medical History
    • Patient consultation history: tests requested and carried out at each of these and the most relevant details.
    • Complete, classified record of the patient’s background.
    • Record a wide range of diagnostics tests.
    • Custom alarms, expiry date alarms and messages for patients with positive serology.
    • Automatic generation of complete reports covering history, consultations and tests carried out.
    Donor Management
    • Own search engine that enables filtering by different parameters, including by physical characteristics.
    • Tracking and tracing between donations and receptions.
    • Flexibility to view the status of the donations.
    • Management of external recipients.
    Freezing Banks
    • Configuration administered by the clinic itself.
    • Quick access to the content of the oocyte, embryo and semen banks and their historical.
    • Full integration with assisted reproduction treatments and andrology
    • Availability screen to choose spaces.
    • Export all lists to Excel.
    • Printing of reports for the transfer of samples to other clinics.
    Historia Clínica Ilitia
    Assisted Reproduction Treatments
    • Each treatment is comprised of:
      • Stimulation: drugs, ultrasounds, puncture data, etc.
      • Laboratory: option of American classification or ASEBIR [Association for the Study of the Biology of Reproduction].
      • Insemination: option of insemination with fresh, frozen or donor semen, depending on the protocol.
      • Result: monitoring of pregnancy, record of birth, etc.
      • Procedures carried out: option of automatic billing.
    • Traceability of all oocytes and embryos, and their possible destinations, is maintained at all times.
    • Option to carry out a complete andrological, freezing and biopsies.
    • Availability screens for freezing. Ilitia informs you of free spaces in the freezing bank.
    • Link between the man and his partner’s insemination treatments.
    • Complete monitoring of the patient’s pregnancy.
    • Specific tests according to the trimester
    • History of all follow-up appointments, as well as previous pregnancies.
    • Link to original reproductive treatment.
    • Section to record patients’ psychological consultations.
    • Tests for donor patients.
    • Patient evaluation history.
    Electronic Prescriptions
    • Management of drugs available.
    • Electronic prescriptions from the application itself.
    • Printing of prescriptions in accordance with Spanish law.
    Statistics and Consultations
    • To carry out consultations and personalised statistics in the clinic database.
    • Studies at both clinical and management level.
    • Option to export selected data to an Excel environment.
    Inventory control
    • Management of the materials, as well as their expiry dates or stock.
    • Control outgoing materials and their location in the centre.
    • System of stock and expiry date alarms that can be configured by the user.
    • Facturación automática desde Agenda, Tratamientos y Mantenimiento de bancos.
    • Facturación diferenciada para paciente, aseguradora y por sociedades.
    • Realización de depósitos.
    • Exportación a Excel de todos los listados.
    Informes Ilitia
    Document management
    • Generation of personalised reports in different languages.
    • Automatic printing of invoices, payments, deposits, doctor’s notes, history labels, etc.
    • Management of clinical and administrative attachments.
    • Customizing the tool and its reports.
    • Ability to Multi language.
    • Control access and actions according to the user profile.
    • HL7: Ilitia complies with international standards to facilitate the electronic exchange of information among other clinic tools.
    • Witness: Integration with the control and traceability tool with which the samples are controlled and identified from the beginning of the treatment.
    • Contpaq: Accounting and administrative software.

    Our Clients

    Assisted reproduction and gynaecology clinics that use our services

      Of all the options available on the market, I have chosen the one provided by ILITIA because it is a complete system with everything you need to manage medical and administrative information in an assisted reproduction unit..

      Another very important reason is that is a web-based system, i.e., accessible from any device anywhere with access to the Internet. Data is protected and available, meeting all the requirements of the Data Protection Act for the most strictly protected files. Last but not least, I have noticed that the application is constantly improving, adopting suggestions that complete it or make it easier to manage, quickly and with no complications for those who use it.


      Dr. Jorge Alfonso Zafra
      Dr. Jorge Alonso Zafra
      Medical Director - Instituto Europeo de Fertilidad - Madrid. Spain
    • The emergence of ILITIA as an application for gynaecology clinics, especially for assisted reproduction, will provide us with a ‘before’ and ‘after’ in the world of computing applied to medicine, specifically the collective and multidisciplinary work carried out in human reproduction centres, where clinics, laboratories, surgical departments, nursing, reception and administration must have reliable, shared information available anywhere and in real time, which only this type of application allows.

      Another interesting aspect of ILITIA that should be highlighted is its versatility, providing each user with an intuitive and dynamic way of working without wasting time unnecessarily and enabling them to dispense with paper in daily consultations, thus fostering relationships with patients, enabling them to access all data from their history with a single click. Furthermore, the incorporation of other elements that allow us immediately to analyse the data introduced makes ILITIA an essential tool for the control of results and identification of possible deviations that could affect them.

      Therefore, this computer application is superior in technology to the rest and a truly excellent application in the field of gynaecology and assisted human reproduction.

      Dr. L. Alfonso de la Fuente Hernández
      Medical Director - Instituto Europeo de Fertilidad - Madrid. Spain